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Kindred Canine in Andover provide high quality, reliable, experienced care for your doglet.

Dog walking - Etiquette training sessions - Sociability walks


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Kindred Canine is a friendly, experienced, insured and qualified business offering  local

dog walking in Andover and a training/foundation behaviour package all rolled in to one. Kind of like a Canine Guidance System for your dog!  

 My name is Charlotte Taylor and I've been working with dogs on a professional level since 2002. 

Animals have always played a big part in my life and my menagerie currently consists of my 11 year old rescue Border Collie Rollie from Protecting Preloved Border Collies, 1 cat called Paddy and last but by no means least an African Grey Parrot named Ezra. 

 Parrots, much like dogs, are great advocates and recipients of reward based training methods ... they basically live by the motto of "What's in it for me?  A pistachio???!!! Woohoooooooo!!!! Okie dokie whadya want me to do"!! 


Reliable. Experienced. Informed



Dog care/training/behaviour has become big business in the last few years or so with new companies being formed all the time. 

 So what sets Kindred Canine apart from the rest? 

Well, I like to think that our customers and their repeat business tell a story but also I constantly strive to update my knowledge of training and behaviour as often as I can.

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Qualified. Compassionate Care


Qualifications and CPD courses achieved:

* BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care

* Think Dog! Certificate in Training and Behaviour 

(OCN Level 2)

* Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care Course

* Animal Care College Companion Animal 

Bereavement Certificate

* Qualified Microchip Implanter

* CPD COURSE "Dogs & The Law"  

and "Running A Reactive Dog  Group"

 run by COAPE Association Of Pet Behaviourists & Trainers (CAPBT)

* CPD COURSE: "Dog-Dog Conflict in the Home" 

by Sarah Whitehead

* CPD COURSE: "Dogs That Fight & Bite" by David Ryan

Dogs, adventure walks, dog walks.

Kindred Canine Adventure Walks

What's this all about??

I am very excited to be able to offer a new service for 2019 ... our ADVENTURE WALKS! These walks will take place once a month on a Sunday, the date will be released on the FB page and here.

Adventure Walks will consist of 3 to 4 hours with your dog visiting a place they wouldn't normally go, for example a visit to the beach!  I will pick your doglet up, transport them safely to our fun destination, spend time making sure we're having a fab but safe time, then return them home to you all full of dreams of a wonderful day, leaving you free to head off out for an adventure day of your own without the worrying of leaving your doglet home alone ... winner winner chicken dinner!

Spaces will be limited to 4 dogs per adventure day and cost £30 per dog.


Kindred Canine Dog Walkers Andover


Dogs huh?  Big, small, tall, short, fluffy, smooth; from young pups through to crazy adoloescents then golden oldies ... they've all got one thing in common ... we love 'em!

We all start out with a well thought out regime of giving Fido 2 or 3 good walks a day, afterall exercise isn't only great for them, it's great for us too! The problem is life can sometimes get in the way of these good intentions, work demands more of our time, families expand and unplanned events occur making it more and more difficult to fit all of those planned walks in.

This is where Kindred Canine can help turn your dog's frown upside down!!!  A tired dog is a happy dog and our FULL HOUR WALKS with doggy chums will see to it that, not only will they get the exercise that is needed to help keep them fit, they will also have the added bonus of learning socialisation skills in a controlled, matched ability group. 

We don't believe in pavement walking.  We believe in F.U.N!  Grassy, muddy, hilly, sunshiney, rainy, snowy, rivery F.U.N!  Because all of this F.U.N takes place in the good ol' UK can I please ask you to provide towels for your dogs at home for when we return from our walk,  as we all know that a large percentage of this F.U.N will be taking place in the rain!!! 

Your dog will need to have a degree of socialibility to join us on our group walks ... no bullies please!  If you feel your dog could benefit from one-to-one training or sessions to help them to cope with group walks then consider the options below


Our one-to-one training sessions will focus on helping your dog to gain the "smarts" and manners to become a wonderful addition to your family.  These sessions are tailored to you and your pooch and can help with:






Does your dog become over excited or nervous around other dogs?  Our sociability walks may help!  Your dog will be matched with a group of calm, well mannered dogs for an hours walk.  We suggest a block booking to fully benefit from these session

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Lieske and Bramble

Charlotte has walked and looked after Bramble (8) since he was a puppy. He is always so well looked after, enjoys his walks and I can relax while he’s with his second mummy!

Well what can I say about Charlotte and Kindred Canine. I have known her for over 12 years, we were

Nicky and Eddie

Well what can I say about Charlotte and Kindred Canine. I have known her for over 12 years, we were recommended to her by a friend in our village.  We had a Welsh Terrier who needed some socialisation as he had not had it as a pup.  She was outstanding with him and he just loved going out for walks with her and the clan. Rupert and Charlotte had over 10 years together and when we decided to get another doggie Charlotte was involved in the process.  Eddie the Fox terrier is nearly 2 and has been with Charlotte since he was able to go out for walks.  He goes daily and frankly loves it, he knows when she will arrive, he shows her total respect and loves her.  Charlotte is a fantastic dog person, she is calm, assertive when needed and a brilliant trainer with terriers.  My family have learnt loads from her, she is a friend as well.  I could not recommend Charlotte highly enough. 


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